Wir sehen uns auf der Rennbahn:
Rennbahn opens the club season 2024 with a bang at the halle02 club. With great pride and anticipation, we present to you Rene Wise. Expect an energetic club night filled with modern, driving grooves, and authentic techno sounds.

Rene Wise’s approach to writing music and DJing fuses together as one concept; tapping into primal human instinct via rhythm and groove.

Wise portrays a deep sense of knowledge and maturity in his sound, devising atmospheric soundscapes with a raw but modern touch, captivating the listener from beginning to end. His sets demonstrate this to full effect, consistently maintaining a powerful sonic trademark whilst possessing the innate ability to create hip-shaking poly-rhythms and multi-deck layers.

Before discovering the world of electronic music, Wise came from a background of drum and percussion which was guided by his Iranian father who was a professional drummer. This influence plays a huge part in shaping the foundation of techno that he crafts.

Wise’s ‚quality over quantity’ mindset has seen him become a mainstay on influential labels such as Mote Evolver and Beard Man which has led him to work with some of the most respected names in the industry. His pure but passionate approach to music has given him the honour of gracing institutions such as Berghain and Fabric and earned him a residency at the esteemed underground Eerste Communie parties hailing from The Netherlands.

Meet Jones, a purveyor of house beats, specializing in groovy rhythms and rolling basslines. Infused with the essence of Romanian house and minimal influences, he brings a distinctive touch to the electronic music landscape. His sets navigate through pulsating beats, seamlessly blending grooviness with minimalism. Stripping away excess, Jones crafts a captivating sonic experience, animating the dance floor with infectious energy. Brace yourself for a musical journey, where the spirit of house converges with the allure of Romanian influences. Grooves run deep, rhythms enthrall, and basslines keep you rolling.

The sound of the Rennbahn residents Walter Grob and Herr Mexis finds its roots in the depths of the jungle, where ominous drums and groovy percussion set the rhythm of the night. Spherical sounds and rhythms draw listeners into the dark depths of the jungle, disconnecting them from reality. The duo introduces the technological revolution with warning and interference noises, shaping their uncompromising techno sound in every corner of the forest.

Die Veranstaltung ist beendet.



03 Feb 2024




Zollhofgarten 2

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